About Hamro-Hajiri

Hamro-Hajiri is an innovative web-based time attendance software which provides a stable communication for devices through LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G/4G. Users can access to the software anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage thousands of T&A terminals under complex network (WLAN).

With its user-friendly UI, managing timetable, shifting schedule, and generating attendance report have become easily managed. An Automatic Synchronization function is available to automatically synchronize data between devices and server.

Furthermore it features optional Payroll Management solution that can eliminate excessive workload in calculating employee hours and wages.


Web-Based Time Attendance Software
Users can access the centralized system anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage thousands of T&A terminals under complex network (WLAN).
Graphical Dashboard
The chart used in the dashboard is more informative to get summary information about how many employees are present or absent in work day.Similarly the details information in dashboard.
Payroll Management
Basic payroll function can eliminate errors in the payroll process and reduce excessive eff¬ort in calculating employee hours, wages, and tax with holdings.
Flexible Leave and Holiday
Our system is very useful to get the information about upcoming holidays according to nepali calender standard and provides flexibility in leave application and leave settlement.
Auto-Synchronization of Palm, Face, Finger Vein
Fingerprint, and Card Templates Automatically synchronizing the data between devices and server among the same “Area” to ensure the information are updated.
Multiple Admin Privilege
Multiple admin can be set to manage di¬fferent privilege in the software. Admin will get a list of employee’s attendance including the number of late and absences.
Employee Self-Service
Access login is provided for each employees to check their attendance. Employees can apply for online leave to be approved by the manager or admin.
Flexible Shift Scheduling and Auto Shift
Software administrator can assign flexible schedules which support cross-day timing to the employees.
Multi Branch Support
Our software is capable to support n number of branches and their activities about attendance system.
Multi-Level Approvals and Automatic E-mail Alerts
E-mail notifications for the attendance exceptions and for multi-level approvals.
Attendance Calculation & Reports
The attendance reports are calculated easily and can be exported in CSV, PDF, and XLS format.
Attendance Rules Setting
Organization can set attendance rules as per organization rules and regulation.
Real-Time Data Transmission
The data from the inter-regional terminals can be monitored in real time.
Supports Gregorian and Nepali Calendar.
Supports English and Nepali language.
Embedded HR Integration
Hamro-Hajiri is a platform which can be integrated with ERP and HR software to do synchronization using Middle table.
Auto and Schedule backup.